Nick Pinheiro


Nick Pinheiro - Manager NG Nutra

I’m Originally from Bristol, Rhode Island, The Ocean State and also known as the smallest state. Although I miss the water, Iowa has truly become home for me. The friendliness of everyone is refreshing not to mention the beautiful Iowa sunsets are a huge plus. Other than my geographical location I have a few hobbies that I enjoy diving into in my free time.

The most time consuming hobby would be competitive bodybuilding.  Bodybuilding has been my main passion and focus since my first competition at the age of 18. This has become an outlet for myself. Over the years the gym has become more than just a way to transform my physique but more importantly it grounds me. It’s my anchor, my safe place, where thoughts and problems go to disappear in complete isolation and focus.

Another big part of my life are my two dogs, both rescues. Augie a 15lb poodle terrier mix and then our big boy bandit a 90lb great dane/pit-bull mix. My girlfriend and I adopted Bandit about 5 years ago just before we moved to Iowa and Augie was about 2 years before bandit.

My third hobby would be Reading/Learning. I’m a very curious individual by nature, I’m fascinated at how and why people do things, what makes people successful, what habits do people who perform at the top of their game do? What mindset or skill set can I learn to be better? I think you can add competition as well, competing drives me to want to be better. In business, personal, mental, physical. I think a lot of this stems from the fear of not living up to my own potential and what I know I’m capable of… the fear of failing lights a fire under my ass.

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