Nootropics: The Best Brain-Boosting Ingredients for Focus

If you are looking to improve your focus and boost your mood, there is a special category of supplements called nootropics that can help.

Do you find that it’s tough to pay attention for very long while at school or work? Is it a struggle to get out of the house in a good mood because you know the day is going to be a long one?

If you are looking to improve your focus and boost your mood, there is a special category of supplements called nootropics that can help.

Best Nootropic Ingredients

Here are the best supplement ingredients for better mood and more focus.


Let’s start the list with one of the most famous nootropics: caffeine. There’s a good chance you already start your day with caffeine via a morning cup of coffee as it boosts your energy levels. Caffeine is also an excellent way to improve your focus and support a better mood. Caffeine is great on its own but if you combine it with other nootropics, you’ll notice a huge difference. [1]


This herbal supplement has been shown to be effective at promoting cognitive function while boosting alertness and focus. The one thing that is very unique about guarana is that it provides caffeine-like benefits without the jitters that are often associated with caffeine. When you take the two together, guarana may help to calm any anxiety from the caffeine. In other words, caffeine and guarana are the perfect pair. [2] [3]


Amino acids are typically associated with exercise benefits and muscle growth; however, their benefits extend far behind the weight room. One amino acid, L-Tyrosine, has been shown to be an effective cognitive booster. Not only can it improve your working memory but it is also a natural way of reducing stress and improving your mood. [4] [5] [6]

Huperzine A

Considered one of the most effective learning supplements on the market, Huperzine A has been the subject of a variety of studies all pointing to its brain boosting benefits.

Huperzine A has been shown to improve your working memory and this is why it’s popular with university students. It increases your focus during a task-specific situation and boosts your learning performance if that task requires it.

Huperzine A may also benefit long term brain health as it is said to decrease the risk for Alzheimer’s Disease. [7]

Alpha GPC

Another learning supplement that is commonly taken with Huperzine A is Alpha GPC. It’s taken by three types of people: those who want to improve the overall health of their brain, those who want to boost their learning, and those who want to have intense focus during a workout.

Alpha GPC has been shown to boost working memory while supporting long term cognitive health. For weight lifters, it’s an effective way to increase intra-workout performance. [8]

PS92: More Focus, Energy, and Results

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