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TB16 – Thermal Burn

TB16 is an exclusive blend of ingredients to help boost positive mood support, provide clean energy, maximize fat reduction and reduce appetite.  TB16 is designed to help give you the edge in achieving and maintaining a lean physique. Utilizing a unique blend of ingredients, TB16 allows for superior focus and energy without the normal crash of other energy drinks.*

Mental Focus Complex:
N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine, Choline and Glucuronolactone are crucial for helping to combat against mental fatigue and to ensure proper neurotransmitter function for enhanced focus and concentration.*

Metabolism, Fiber & Toning Complex:
Caffeine, Guarana, Chromium, Polydextrose, Dandelion Root, Capsimax®, Advantra Z® and Diindolylmethane are combined to deliver clean energy, appetite suppressant, less water retention and hormone control.*

B Vitamin Complex:
Vitamins B3, B6 and B12 are essential to help with red blood cell reproduction for optimal natural energy levels while also helping to combat against free radical damage.*

SUGGESTED USE: Mix one serving with eight to twelve ounces of water in the morning. Mix one serving in the early afternoon if desired.*

Women's Metabolism Boost Kit

Women’s Metabolism Boost Kit

  1. The products in the Women’s Weight Loss Kit have been exclusively formulated to help you burn stubborn body fat, decreasing appetite and aid in digestion and cleansing.  These products will give you clean energy, boost positive mood support and increase your focus.*

What’s Included:

LC20 (Lean Cuts) – The extensive blend of ingredients delivers in every aspect of getting lean and ripped with extreme energy, focus and positive mood support.*

TB16 (Thermal Burn) – TB16 is the easiest way to boost your mood and improve your wellbeing – even if you haven’t felt your best in years.*

Allure Collagen – Allure Collagen uses 5 types of collagen made from natural food sources to ensure stronger hair, nails and youthful looking skin.*

NG Nutra - Men's Metabolism Boost Kit

Men’s Metabolism Boost Kit

The products in the Men’s Weight Loss Kit have been exclusively formulated to help increase your testosterone, give you clean energy, maximize your metabolism and give you the motivation for your next workout to achieve your goals.*

What’s Included:

MO90 (Muscle Overload) – The latest breakthrough in pre-workout formulas for lean muscle-building, endurance, increased concentration and clean energy.* Read more

TB16 (Thermal Burn) – TB16 is the easiest way to boost your mood and improve your wellbeing – even if you haven’t felt your best in years.* Read more

AT100 (Alpha Test) – Is a professional strength testosterone complex that contains the most potent ingredients to boost your testosterone.* Read more

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Athlete Emily PirklPersonal trainer About Emily I got into the fitness world but working out with my dad after I took a gap year in England. I fell in love with the process and how much confidence I gained, how much stress was relieved, as well as how much my physical appearance improved. I decided …

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ENERGYFORYOURJOURNEY TB16 – Thermal Burn Learn More Our Store 210 Jordan Creek Pkwy #170 West Des Moines, IA 50266 (515) 619-9010 With nearly half a century of combined knowledge and obsessing over ingredients and formulating superior supplements with leading manufacturers, NG Nutra is the standard for THE BEST INGREDIENTS… THE BEST YOU. Hand selected …

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