What is the World’s Best Diet?

What is the world's best diet? If a diet or eating plan works for you and helps you see results, then it is the best... for you!
Best Diet

So what is the BEST diet or eating plan?  Ha! That is a loaded question but since I hear it all the time, I will give my opinion on it.

The BEST diet that I have ever come across and have seen the BEST results from is, the one that the person picks out, implements, and then sees results from it.  

Following me?  

Yeah, sure there are a bunch out there that are scientifically proven, better for blood sugar response, blood type diet, weight watchers, keto, paleo, etc.  BUT if that person tries one of those and it doesn’t work for them?

Guess what, they aren’t going to think that diet works.

What Works For You?

SO, that goes back to my original statement of whatever diet or eating plan you follow and actually stick to, you will think that diet/eating plan is the best. 

Whether I agree with it, your neighbor, wife, husband or whoever thinks of it, if you see RESULTS, I can’t argue with you that, that diet or eating plan doesn’t work because clearly it did work for you. 

The great thing is that after most people lose some weight and keep it off, they go to the ‘next level’ (if they didn’t before) and start paying attention to where the calories are coming from – protein, carbs, fats, etc.  

We all know there are no shortage of diets available to try.  Yes, I do think some are better than others but as long as you see results, KEEP DOING IT (assuming it’s healthy). 

If we dig a little deeper though, the reason why the 8th or 57th diet actually worked for someone has more to do with MINDSET than anything.  At some point, if you are wanting to make a change with your body and really anything in your life, you have to commit MENTALLY.

The Diet of Belief

If you do not believe in yourself and constantly reaffirm that belief, it will be a tough road. 

For example, I always told myself I had self diagnosed ADHD, that I couldn’t sit still for long periods and I wasn’t a good reader.  Well, I lived into those words that I spoke over myself. 

As I began to watch successful people around me, I realized they were all readers.  After doing some research, I began to understand the power of the mind a bit more.  So, I changed how I spoke to myself.  I literally started telling myself that I was a great reader and that I loved to do it.  I stopped telling myself that I had self diagnosed ADHD and other negative stuff. 

Yep…I turned around pretty dang fast.  I now typically read 1 book per week and can sit and enjoy things for longer periods of time (not super long yet but still working on it…ha).

Don’t Expect an Easy Road

So back to my point about getting your mind right about the diet you have chosen.  You have to realize and remember that anything worth having won’t be easy.  Never has been nor ever will be. 

We don’t take pleasure in getting things easy anyways, so stop wishing for that.  The bottom line is that if you want to lose weight, you have to eat fewer calories than what your body is burning each day. 

If you want to gain weight you have to eat more calories than what your body is burning each day.  It is that simple!  It is science and how your body works. 

With it being that simple, I still get people that say, I only ate one salad and four carrots today and I still can’t lose weight.  NOPE. 

Think of this, when you get the flu or whatever sickness for a few days or however long, you barely eat anything.  What happens??  You lose weight!  Or look at the TV series Survivor.  They barely get anything to eat and they ALL lose weight.  It is how our bodies work; plain and simple. 

What I believe part of the problem is that people aren’t honest with themselves on how much food they are eating.  Handful of M&M’s here, chips there, a can of soda here and the list goes on and on. 

That stuff adds up FAST!  The other problem is that, that person just hasn’t mentally committed yet.  It hasn’t hurt enough yet to actually make the change.

Do Fat Burners Work?

People always ask, do fat burners really work?  Remember, the fat burner can’t do everything for us, it is still on us to do our part as well.

The ingredients in most fat burners have studies behind them to hold true that they will help burn calories, lower appetite and give you more energy. 

Our best seller is TB16 – Thermal Burn and tons of people notice great results from it.  

See our reviews HERE.

But I can almost guarantee you that those same people who have seen results from using it have also started eating a little less each day, starting exercising a little more and making other adjustments to help them achieve their desired results.  

You can compare it to a car to get you from point A to point B.  The car is a TOOL for you to use.  The car won’t turn itself on, pick you up out of your couch and drive itself to get to the destination on its own (well, at least not yet).  

Fat Burners/Metabolism boosters are tools to help you if you need them.  Some people like to use them and some people don’t, so you will have to test things out accordingly.

On the flip side for gaining weight, the same holds true.  ‘Oh my metabolism is so high that I can’t gain weight, I have tried everything, etc.’

“Those who say you can and those you say they can’t are both typically right.”  Confucius.

Gaining Weight vs. Losing Weight

Everyone has a breaking point of how much food it will take to gain weight.  We have a calorie calculator HERE that will help you with a good starting point to work from.  You just have to start eating more.  Not all in 1 day. 

Slowly add in 250 calories more per day or every 2 days and have your body get use to the extra food.  Otherwise you might get bogged down and bloated eating that much right away. 

Same holds true here as well, you have to commit mentally that you are going to do this.  Gaining weight is just as hard for these people as it is for people wanting to lose weight.  Gaining weight requires constantly eating…a lot!

This also applies with gaining weight and using supplements.  Take for example, Creatine – ATP48 (a great article HERE written by Zack about what Creatine actually does and how it works), Creatine is designed for faster recovery so you are able to get a few more reps on a certain exercise.  

Remember, we are burning calories when we exercise, so if we take a supplement that helps us exercise harder/longer, we are burning more calories.  

This has to be taken into account when you are trying to gain weight.  So let’s say you used to burn 1000 calories when you were working out.  Then you started taking ATP48 Creatine and this helps you with getting a few more reps and adding some extra pounds on the bar.  Now you just burned 1250 calories for that workout, you have to eat more to compensate for the calories burned.  

Same as I mentioned earlier, not everyone takes supplements to get their results but a lot of people do.  This is where you will have to experiment with what you prefer. 

Happy eating!

Joel Jansen


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