NG Nutra Athlete Pat Vellner

Pat Vellner

NG Nutra Athlete Lauren Stallwood

Lauren Stallwood

NG Nutra AthNG Nutra Athlete Christian Harris

Christian Harris

NG Nutra Athlete Sidney Wells

Sydney Wells

NG Nutra Athlete Kyra Milligan

Kyra Milligan

NG Nutra Athlete Brittany Weiss

Brittany Weiss

NG Nutra Athlete Halei Jo Arroyo

Halei Jo Arroyo

Travis MayEr

NG Nutra Athlete Luiza Marques

Luiza Marques

NG Nutra Athlete Kelly Baker Shirley

Kelly Baker Shirley

NG Nutra Athlete Ro Scott

Ro Scott

NG Nutra Athlete Tori Dyson

Tori Dyson

NG Nutra Athlete Meg Reardon

Meg Reardon

NG Nutra Athlete Andrea Nisler

Andrea Nisler

NG Nutra Athlete Carly Wopat

Carly Wopat

NG Nutra Athlete Kait Bykowicz

Kait Bykowicz

NG Nutra Athlete Brooke Haas

Brooke Haas

NG Nutra Athlete Victoria Campos

Victoria Campos

NG Nutra Athlete Jessica Kalagian

Jessica Kalagian

NG Nutra Athlete Kloie Dawn Wilson

Kloie Dawn Wilson

NG Nutra Athlete Cali Carano

Cali Carano

NG Nutra Athlete Nicolette Torreggiani

Nicolette Torreggiani

NG Nutra Athlete Ashleigh Wosny

Ashleigh Wosny

NG Nutra Athlete Nicole Burke

Nicole Burke

NG Nutra Athlete Jenn Ryan

Jenn Ryan

NG Nutra Athlete Winter Rodriguez

Winter Rodriguez

NG Nutra Athlete Seth Stovall

Seth Stovall

NG Nutra Athlete Kait Coward

Kaitlin Coward

NG Nutra Athlete Allie Weiss

Allie Weiss

NG Nutra Athlete Erin O'Donnell

Erin O'Donnell

NG Nutra Athlete Courtney DeBoer

Courtney DeBoer

NG Nutra Athlete Meredith Swindle

Meredith Swindle

NG Nutra Athlete Kristine Best

Kristine Best

NG Nutra Athlete Megan Richard

Megan Richard

NG Nutra Athlete Haley Gierszal

Haley Gierszal

NG Nutra Athlete Dillon Bailey

Dillon Bailey

NG Nutra Athlete Maggie Pairan

Maggie Pairan

NG Nutra Athlete Cierra Cole

Cierra Cole

NG Nutra Athlete Anniston Sudhoff

Anniston Sudhoff

NG Nutra Athlete Emily Pirkl

Emily Pirkl

NG Nutra Athlete Ava Georg

Ava Georg

NG Nutra Athlete Brittany Schrempp

Brittany Schrempp

NG Nutra Athlete Zac Courtier

Zac Courtier

NG Nutra Athlete Paul Sakowski

Paul Sakowski

NG Nutra Athlete Hollye Henderson

Hollye Henderson

NG Nutra Athlete Zack Ramirez

Zach Ramirez

NG Nutra Affiliate Team
NG Nutra tagline
The Affiliate Program
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NG NUTRA™ is obsessed with YOUR journey, that is our core focus and reason for existence. This is why we created the NG NUTRA Affiliate Team so we can reach thousands of people that need guidance. As an exclusive member of our Affiliate Team, you are responsible for Leading, Teaching, and Inspiring people to become the best versions of themselves. Life can be crazy and we can all use someone in our corner to help fight through the crappy times and celbrate the good times. This is done through developing a long lasting relationship by coaching and encouraging people to improve their mindset about themselves and circumstances in a positve way. Knowing that eating clean and exercising is a major component of a healthy journey, it is our duty to serve others in these areas.

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NG NUTRA™, through and with each person on the Affiliate Team, will empower those around us to go after their dreams and visions. To help awaken people to see they are their own author of their story in this thing called life.

The Purpose

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The NG NUTRA™ Team is a family of fitness and nutrition enthusiasts that have a passion for leading others in what we all have learned while living a “healthy lifestyle.” It is our desire to make a positive impact in someone else’s life so they can achieve their goal. We realize that we made a choice to live this type of healthy lifestyle and are here to empower and encourage others who are making that same choice.

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NG NUTRA Team Members are selected on a critical, unwavering criteria in regards to:
Passion for helping others and constantly learning and improving.
Having a positive mindset to know that any goal is achieveable if you can conceive it in your mind.
Take on challenges head on and overcome obstacles to complete the journey. Win or lose, you can rest assured that your best effort was given and you come back better and stronger for the next challenge.
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These three pillars that guide the NG NUTRA Team are what we believe in and work towards. They are powerful tools and constant reminders in our mission to help others. Giving back to our communities and leaving a positive impact on the world we create for our children, family and generations to come is crucial! The NG NUTRA Team is first and foremost the embodient of NG NUTRA and our root beginnings.
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