Want to Lose Fat? The Best Ingredients for Fat Burning

Not all fat burning ingredients are created equal. Here is your comprehensive list of proven ingredients for fat burning.

Maybe you’re one of the people who fall off the horse, have trouble getting back up, and wait until the next year to start again. Maybe you’ve been working hard all year, and you’re so close to your fat loss goal; only 10 more pounds to go. A thermogenic supplement can help support you in your quest for that lean and shredded physique.

Let’s take a look at what thermogenics are, the best ingredients for fat loss, and the one supplement that contains all of the scientifically proven ingredients.

What is a Thermogenic Supplement?

A thermogenic supplement is a single ingredient or a blend of fat burning compounds.

Often referred to as thermogenics, these supplements can have a direct impact on your metabolic rate, helping you to burn excess calories and body fat.

Best Ingredients for Fat Burning

Not all thermogenic supplements are created equal. Most use ingredients that have no scientific backing. Educate yourself on the most proven and trusted ingredients for fat loss based on scientific studies.


L Carnitine is a highly bioavailable derivative of amino acids. You’ll find it in most thermogenic supplements because of its proven ability to increase metabolic rate , promote the use of fatty acids as fuel, and support weight loss. [1]

Chromium Polynicotinate

The mineral chromium mixed with a B-vitamin, this thermogenic compound is popular among the diabetic crowd looking to naturally alleviate their symptoms. It has been shown to increase insulin sensitivity while reducing body fat. [2]

Caffeine Anhydrous

A classic energy booster, caffeine is also considered a staple fat burning ingredient. It has been shown to promote excess calorie burning while promoting the use of adipose tissue as fuel. [3]

Cheyenne Pepper Extract

That same compound that puts the kick in your favorite peppers is also responsible for promoting a higher metabolic response in the body.

Marketed as Capsicum, this unique ingredient has been shown in several studies to promote fat burning and overall weight management. [4]


A root popular in China and Korea, ginseng has been used for thousands of years as an overall health aid. Only recently have studies confirmed its ability to promote weight loss. [5]

TB16: Best Ingredients for Fat Burning in One Place

Want to jump start your fat loss by using the thermogenics mentioned above?

No need to go looking for each individual ingredient. You can find all of those scientifically proven ingredient in one place: TB16 from NG NUTRA.

Scientifically formulated to maximize fat loss and energy levels, TB16 can help you achieve your weight loss and physique goals.


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