Jayle Hinkle

Assistant Manager

Jayle Hinkle - Assistant Manager NG Nutra I am from Sandhills Nebraska and lived outside of Bartlett, Nebraska. I grew up on a large dairy farm and was hard at work from 8 years old up until we sold the dairy farm and just continued doing crops my senior year in high school. I went through quite a bit of hardships which made me a hard worker such as my parents, many divorces and many moves. I was hard at work on the farm and in sports all throughout middle school and high school. State class D Shot Put champion, 2x Allstar football kicker, offensive and defensive lineman, and 2x National band participant are some of my highlights.

I graduated college in 2020 at Wayne State College Nebraska and completed a bachelors’ degree in Exercise Science, a bachelors’ degree in Foods and Nutrition, and had a minor in coaching Endorsement. These degrees helped me achieve my goals in my college sports life while I was competing in football and track and field. Breaking the college shot put record is my main sports highlight. What I learned in college eventually led me to an assistant strength and conditioning and head track and Field Throwing coach job at Briar Cliff University College in Sioux City, Iowa. Over a couple years I was coaching and working for NG Nutra and eventually made the decision to focus primarily on NG Nutra. It was definitely one of the better decisions in my life!

I have always loved challenges and exercise including weightlifting, powerlifting, and all sports. That is what really got me into fitness. It helped that I was also gifted athletically. “Your body is literally the most important thing in this world to keep healthy.” That motto alone made me passionate about fitness.

I come from a Christian background and the morals and values that I have cultivated over the years have led me to really enjoy helping people. There isn’t much that is more important than helping people reach their own goals or just giving them a helping hand. I had a very large amount of people help me get to where I am today.

NG Nutra is easily the best company I could be working for because I get to assist people with their challenges, goals, and aspirations and it is something I am very knowledgeable and passionate about. I say easy because throughout the years, health, nutrition, and fitness have been some of my highest values from a young age. I just like being a good person for people and at NG Nutra, I can be that person.

I have many hobbies, but my top ones have to be fishing, playing piano, weight training, construction work, learning new skills, reading, and providing security for my family.
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