The Best Post-Workout Supplement Ingredients for Recovery

Supplements are the fastest way to get the right nutrients to your muscles. Here are the best post-workout supplement ingredients for recovery and results.

The weights hit the floor, signifying the workout is finished. After a stretch and a cool-down, you head back home.

What’s the first thing you’re going to do once you arrive? Shower? Head to bed? Watch television?


Your muscles just went through a hellacious workout; it’s time to reward your body with the proper post-workout nutrition. Supplements are the fastest way to get the right nutrients to your muscles.

Let’s review what an ideal post-workout supplement does as well as the best and most studied ingredients that deliver fitness success.

What is a Post-Workout Supplement?

As the name implies, post-workout supplements are taken immediately after your workout when your muscles need it most.

The ingredients within a high quality post-workout supplement are going to promote repair and recovery while re-fueling the body with necessary nutrients such as electrolytes.

Some post-workout supplements will also contain a natural blend of energy boosters to stave off post-workout fatigue.

Best Post-Workout Ingredients

Here’s our list for the best post-workout ingredients that have as much scientific backing as anecdotal reports.


Branched chain amino acids (Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine) are the foundation of post-workout nutrition.

BCAAs are the very building blocks of muscle tissue, and they have been proven to trigger protein synthesis for repair and growth. [1]

L-Citrulline DL-Malate

A non-essential amino acid, L-Citrulline DL-Malate is an effective post-workout supplement, shown in studies to reduce muscle soreness, and support the recovery process. [2]

Beta Alanine

An all-around amazing ingredient, Beta Alanine can be used before, during, and especially after your workouts.

Known to improve muscular performance intra-workout, beta alanine might be able to help the recovery process by restoring muscle endurance. [3]


The electrical messengers between muscles, nerves, and cells, electrolytes are especially important for recovery.

After a tough workout, you’ve wiped out a good percentage of your electrolytes, especially sodium and magnesium. Replenishing your electrolyte reserve is a must after every workout.


It feels good to walk out of the gym with pride, but workouts kick your butt. It’s why the couch looks so tempting once you get home.

Naturally restore your energy levels with ginseng. This non-stimulant has been shown to promote cognitive energy, allowing you to be productive post-workout. [4]

Find These Post-Workout Ingredients in One Place

You want to support your muscles with the nutrients they need to bounce back so you can be in the gym again the next day, but buying individual ingredients can add up quickly.

Don’t worry, you can find all of the ingredients listed above in one place: MR46 by NG NUTRA.

MR46- Muscle Recovery Supplement
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