7 Diet Tips for Healthy Eating

Whether you want to enhance your performance, boost your weight loss, or simply live a healthier, here are 7 diet tips for healthy eating.
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What you eat matters… a lot. Imagine that you are a machine. If you put the right fuel in, you will run and perform at your best. If you put the wrong fuel in, then you’ll cough, sputter, and eventually burn out. It’s important to focus on the right fuel day after day. Whether you want to enhance your performance, boost your weight loss, or simply live a healthier, here are 7 diet tips for healthy eating.

1.      Keep Track of Your Habits

We know, we know – Meal tracking is boring. However, thanks to huge leaps in fitness app technology, it literally takes 30 seconds to track your meals, calories, and exercise. And this information is incredibly important as it tells you what changes you’ll need to make in your diet to keep seeing progress. This is one habit that we strongly advise building.

We recommend MyFitnessPal because it’s the most developed. Their free version is fantastic. You can scan barcodes and the nutritional information is applied instantly.

2.      Slow and Steady Wins the Race

While it’s alluring to think you can lose a lot of weight in a short period of time – usually a month – these diets don’t talk about the potential repercussions. Most diets and products don’t help you learn how to eat well AND to keep the weight off. They teach you to rely on their method or product, but what happens when you’re done with it? Studies show that most people will gain back the weight they lost AND more.

You’re better off focusing on a slow-and-steady long-term approach rather than a month-long success story that slides right back to where you were in the beginning. Learn how to eat healthy, making small and manageable changes to your diet. In this way, you’ll learn how to attain your ideal physique and stay that way.

3.      Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

Preparation is the key to success, especially with health and fitness. Meal prepping gives you back control while eliminating a lot of the stress that surrounds meal planning. You’ll also save a ton of time since you aren’t cooking individual meals; rather, you cook in batches for several days ahead then just reheat the meals. YOU choose what you’d like to eat. YOU cook it the way that you like. And YOU prepare for the week ahead as it fits your schedule. Most people will spend two days per week – usually Sunday and Thursday – preparing enough meals with a few different recipes to last until the next meal prep day.

4.      Start Your Day with Breakfast

We get it, the temptation to try something new and exciting like intermittent fasting is all too real. The reality is that most people who are learning how to eat healthy should start the day with the proper nutrients. Many people live under the misconception that if you skip breakfast, that means less calories, and less calories is better for weight loss. This isn’t the case. While caloric reduction is important, you still need to eat a well-balanced diet throughout the day.

Eating a healthy protein and fat-based breakfast can help to speed up your metabolism, suppress hunger pangs, and help you feel fuller for longer. Both are slow to digest, which decreases the likelihood that you’ll binge eat junk food. An example of a healthy breakfast would be three eggs, a whole wheat English muffin with nut butter, and a cup of coffee with MCT oil.

5.      Keep That Water Bottle by Your Side

Do you monitor how much water you are drinking each day? Many people unknowingly live in a constant state of dehydration because they only get one or two glasses a day. As a result, they feel sluggish and tired, and they have trouble with memory and reaction time. Not to mention they can get super cranky. Your body needs water to function. Sometimes, what we think is hunger is actually dehydration. This also sets the stage for you to binge on high salt or sugary foods and drinks.

In general, the more active you are, the more you need to be hydrated. Be sure to re-fuel with an electrolyte-based beverage – not just tap water.

6.      Don’t Forget to Exercise

Sure, this isn’t technically a “diet” tip, but you can’t talk about diet without discussing the role of exercise. The two are intertwined and the foundation for a healthy lifestyle and incredible physique. Good food fuels good exercise. And good exercise builds a better body and mind. Exercise is essential in maintaining your physical AND mental well-being. Need a good workout program to accompany your diet? Try one of our free HIIT workouts for fat loss and muscle growth.

7.      The Solution for Those Who Are Always on the Go

We all have those days when we are literally sprinting for the train or trying to slip into our chair without our boss noticing. For those who are short of time or having one of those days and STILL want to eat healthy, this is where a nutrient-packed protein shake can help. We aren’t talking about your typical sugar-loaded meal replacement or bulking shake here. We’re talking about a whole-food-based shake that is high in protein and plenty of minerals and vitamins. Introducing CB18.

CB18 is your new on-the-go shake. It contains all of the nutrition you need to fuel a healthy body, including non-GMO grass-fed whey protein, collagen, minerals, vitamins, herbal remedies, and digestive enzymes. Keep going strong with your healthy diet, even when the day gets away from you. CB18 can help.

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