Sydney Wells’ 5 Tips to Fitness Journey Success

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When it comes to beginning your fitness journey, it can be difficult to lay out a plan on how to accomplish your goals.  We had a chance to talk with professional CrossFit athlete Sydney Wells and discuss what she believes are the 5 most important tips to achieve your fitness goals.

  1. “Start with small attainable goals and write out the actions you will take in order to achieve them.” – Sydney

Your end goal isn’t going to happen overnight. In fact, you may never reach your end aspiration because once you reach that milestone, there’s a good chance that you’ll create a new goal for yourself.

Creating small attainable goals is a great way to boost your confidence and remind yourself that you’re on the right track to success.  Writing these goals down gives you physical proof of each benchmark that you’re trying to accomplish and is a daily reminder of the next action you need to take to achieve that benchmark.

  1. “Surround yourself with people who have similar goals as yours.” – Sydney

There’s no easier way to keep yourself in check than to have someone else help hold you accountable. Not only are you able to motivate each other to achieve these like-minded goals, you’re also able to feed off of that natural competitive urge we humans all have. Now obviously. keep the competition friendly and lighthearted. But use it to your advantage in every single way.

  1. “Don’t go all or nothing – it’s okay to have an off day where you don’t feel like you made decisions that were 100% on track.  But don’t give up, just get back on track.” – Sydney

You’re going to fail. There’s a good chance that you’re going to step on the scale and it won’t move. But don’t give up just because of one bad day. It’s easy to get lost in the negativity that you cast on yourself when you feel like you’re not accomplishing your goals fast enough.  Instead of looking at the end goal, look at the progress you’ve made since you began. Don’t be afraid to take a day to yourself to recuperate. The mental toughness that goes into accomplishing your ambitions is just as important as your physical toughness.

  1. “Recognize and reward yourself for your wins.” – Sydney

Going back to what we just said, recognize the progress you’ve made, not the end goal you haven’t reached yet. Maybe you lost 5 pounds your first week, but only 1 pound your 2nd week.  That’s still 1 pound in the right direction of your goal. Reward yourself for that progress and take pride in it. Every little step towards your goal is another battle won.

  1. “Be confident in your fitness journey!” – Sydney

Lack of confidence can be a major “make-it or break-it” when it comes to beginning your fitness journey. You’re about to take a step in the positive direction of bettering yourself. Most people haven’t even begun to have that thought in their minds! Remind yourself that you’re not doing this for anyone else other than yourself. It’s your life, your goals and your journey. That means it’s up to you to do something about it.

So remember, give yourself goals you can achieve. Find someone who can keep you accountable and shares similar aspirations as yourself. Don’t live with an all-or-nothing mindset and recognize every bit of progress you make as a win. Last but not least, have confidence in yourself to make your fitness dreams come true. It’s your turn to put these 5 tips into practice, are you up for it?

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