Pat Vellner’s 5 Simple Fitness Tips For Success

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Keeping something simple doesn’t always turn out to be simple. You make plans to go on vacation thinking that it’s just going to be all about relaxation. Then you start to think about all of the things you still need to do. Booking flights, packing luggage, wondering if you’re bringing too many clothes or not enough clothes and all that relaxation goes out the window before you’ve even left. But that doesn’t mean starting somewhere simple is a bad place to start. When it comes to starting a fitness journey, simple is the best thing you can do for yourself. We reached out to our professional Crossfit athlete, Pat Vellner, and he gave us 5 simple tips for you and your fitness goals.

  1. “Find a type of exercise that you like.” – Pat

Avoid falling into the “fad” workouts and diets. It’s okay to take ideas from them, but find a workout that you enjoy doing and stick to it. This journey isn’t going to be completed overnight, so find a routine that makes you excited to get out of the bed in the morning.

  1. “Exercise with a friend.” – Pat

Exercising with a friend equals exercising with motivation and accountability. Being able to workout with a friend allows you to push each other and adds a sense of friendly competition into the mix. Your fitness journey is going to constantly need motivational boosts along the way and there’s no better way to do that than to have someone else be there for you during this difficult but rewarding time.

  1. “Make your training convenient.” – Pat

There’s already going to be some difficulties when beginning your fitness journey for the first time. The nice thing about that, is that you have the ability to limit those difficulties and make this journey as convenient as possible for yourself. Find a time of day that works best for you and find the workout that works best for you and get after it. It’s your journey, so why wouldn’t you make it as easy for yourself as you can?

  1. “Set small goals.” – Pat

Small goals are the fastest way to the big picture. Setting small goals is an easy way to keep you motivated and on track to accomplishing your aspirations. You don’t build instantaneously.  You build it brick by brick and layer by layer. Each brick laid is another small goal accomplished. Every bit of progress you make is one step closer to your big picture. Recognize the progress by completing each and every small goal that you’ve come up with.

  1. “Just start your journey.” – Pat

You have to start somewhere. You don’t wake up miraculously halfway through your journey. The only way to achieve your goals is to start right now. It’s the beginning of a better change for a better you. Now it’s just up to you to start it.

Even if starting simple becomes complex, it’s better to start simple than to never start at all! Start out by finding an exercise you love you to do and see if a friend will do it with you. Make this journey as convenient as possible for yourself so that you leave no excuses to back out of it.  Set small goals that you can accomplish and keep track of. This will motivate you to continue grinding for success. Lastly, just start your journey. There’s no better time than the present, so get out there and get after it!

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